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REJECT the NHS Scotland Pay Reform Proposals

Dear GMB Member

GMB in the Scottish Ambulance Service

NHS Scotland Pay Reform Proposals – Important Consultative Ballot Notice! Why you should REJECT.

The priority of GMB Scotland is the defence of your interests. That’s why we are launching a consultative ballot of our members across SAS recommending you REJECT the proposed Pay Reforms tabled by the Scottish Terms and Conditions Committee (STAC).

Last year we were the only union to strongly campaign for members to reject the NHS Scotland pay offer. GMB was clear in our concerns about the worryingly undefined “Further Reforms” elements contained in the three-year pay deal.

STAC recently reported its recommendations for these reforms, which will be submitted to the Scottish Government with a view to implementation on the 1st of April 2019 (the report can be accessed here).

The reality of this ‘reform’ is now becoming clear and it’s not good news for SAS staff. While consultation over the proposals affecting the reform of organisational change and protection of earnings has been extended, there is an immediate challenge to your interests in the reforms to the utilisation and application of TOIL.

In particular, proposals to restrict the accrual of TOIL to 15 hours a month and for accrued TOIL not taken automatically to be paid after three months at plain time will result in real terms pay cuts for SAS staff. It is an unfair proposal for GMB members.

You did not sign-up for a pay deal that gives little with one hand and cuts lots with the other. Your union will not sit back and let these proposed attacks on your terms and conditions go unchallenged.

A consultative ballot seeking your views will run from Monday 14 January until Monday 4 February. You will be asked whether you accept or reject the Pay Reform proposals. GMB strongly recommends you vote to REJECT.

We will conduct this ballot in your workplace where possible. Where we are unable to reach your workplace you will be provided with either an electronic ballot via your mobile phone or a postal ballot to your home address. Schedules will be confirmed shortly.

Therefore it is vital that your contact details are fully to up to date ahead of the ballot start date. There are three ways you can check or update your information:

1. Contact your local GMB workplace representatives.

2. Go online and visit

3. Call us on 0141 332 8641 requesting ‘SAS membership contact update’.

In the meantime if you have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact me during office hours on 0141 332 8641 or email

Karen Leonard
GMB Scotland Organiser

P.S. Remember! You did not sign-up for a pay deal that gives little with one hand and cuts lots with the other. REJECT these dangerous proposals.

Posted: 14th January 2019

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