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GMB position statement on SAS proposals

GMB Scotland in Scottish Ambulance Service: Update on Proposals

GMB members voted by a massive 93 percent reject the SAS proposals. The sense of feeling is so strong with members stating they would be willing to take industrial action.

The Ambulance crews have continued to work under very challenging conditions frequently missing rest breaks and frequently kept late on shift for hours.

Working under these conditions is leading to deteriorating mental health amongst the workforce with stress levels are on a knife edge.

Members are telling us this is the last straw and they will not be accepting these proposals. If management keep forcing intolerable conditions upon the workforce, there will inevitably be increased absence caused by those conditions. Seriously ill patients need the skills and experience of a properly resourced ambulance crew.

The GMB are already in talks with ACAS regarding SAS failure to provide rest breaks as per contract of employment. You are not robots and you need SAS to put your welfare first not last. 

Karen Leonard

GMB Scotland Organiser

Posted: 29th December 2021

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