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Update on FBU

Dear GMB Member,

You may be aware that the Scottish Government and Scottish Fire & Rescue Service are trying to change the role of fire-fighters to include call outs to Slips, Trips and Falls. Currently their union, the FBU, are recommending their members reject the pay deal with these strings attached.


GMB Scotland has met with the FBU and made it clear to SAS and the Scottish Government that asking fire-fighters to assist SAS is a step too far and is being used to hide the fact that the Ambulance Service needs more investment.


If you had the staff and resources required then there would be no need for fire-fighters to attend these calls.


Attached is a letter we sent to FBU and they have shared it with their members. This proposal has an impact on you and GMB will stand with you to defend the Ambulance Service and get the investment needed.

Drew Duffy
Senior Organiser
GMB Scotland

21st February 2020


Denise Christie

Fire Brigade Union

Dear Ms Christie

FBU Scotland’s campaign on pay  

We have been following FBU Scotland’s campaign to encourage your members to reject the SFRS pay offer and a big part of that are the strings attached to carry out 999 calls that our ambulance members would have carried out. ​ 

We are currently in discussions with the Ambulance Service about the future of the service and it’s our belief that to meet the demands they need to recruit another 600 staff. The Scottish Government want your members to plug some of that gap but who covers your work while you are attending a medical emergency?​ We have heard examples of your members attending an emergency and having to wait for hours until an Ambulance turns up and that is due to a lack of investment in the Scottish Ambulance Service which puts the public at risk.  

You have our full support in your current campaign and we will continue to push for the Scottish Government to invest in the ambulance service.​ 

Yours sincerely, 

Drew Duffy
Senior Organiser – Public Services

Posted: 27th February 2020

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