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Trade Union Bill – Paying by Direct Debit

Dear Colleague

Trade Union Bill

The Tories are trying to weaken your union, GMB Scotland. They are in the process of passing an anti-union law through which they hope unions will lose members and GMB members will lose their rights. The Government is trying to undermine your first and last line of defence at work: your trade union. GMB Scotland continues to fight this Bill with everything we’ve got.

One of the toughest provisions in the new law will be the end of our ability to take union subs directly from members’ wages. This means we have 12 months to move everyone to direct debit or we risk losing tens of thousands of members.

GMB are gearing up to defeat this Bill but in the meantime, we won’t risk your membership.

Our greatest resource in this fight is you. We need your support in this campaign to move members over to direct debit and make sure nobody loses their protection.

Don’t let this Tory Government take away your right and the rights of your members to be safe and able to fight back at work. Don’t lose your GMB membership. Support the GMB Scotland campaign to get members onto Direct Debit.

Together we can defeat the Tory anti-union Bill and keep GMB Scotland an effective fighting force.

Thank you –

Yours sincerely

Gary Smith

Acting Regional Secretary

GMB Scotland

Posted: 1st February 2016

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