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PTS Consultative ballot – ACA Job description

All PTS members should now have received a consultative ballot paper on the final version of the ACA Job description.  If any members have not received this, please contact your local rep or the Glasgow office on 0141 332 8641.  Closing date for submitting your vote is Thursday, 29th October 2020.

Whilst some amendments have been made to the JD, following concerns raised on your behalf, GMB are still aware of a significant strength of feeling amongst our affected members in relation to unscheduled / urgent calls, which may be outwith scope of practice.  It is important to note the JD encompasses this type of work, which the SAS do not view as any different to regular PTS work (routine calls, day hospital, interhospital transfer etc).   GMB have, for several years now, highlighted the difference in unscheduled care jobs to regular PTS work and the inherent risks that go alongside this.  On your behalf, we have also expressed concern about a gap in training and how uncomfortable being sent to this type of work, makes many of you feel.

However, we also acknowledge that some members, are content to undertake unscheduled / urgent calls, as long as it would be within scope of practice and the training and job description reflects these differences.

More recently, members have highlighted changes to education and the fact that a portfolio now requires to be completed by new staff.  Existing staff are also being asked to assist with this.  Again, this is not contained within the final JD.

Whilst we have listened to you, our members, and expressed your concerns at the relevant partnership platforms, it is unfortunate that our view is not widely shared.  This is why we now want you to have your say in a consultative ballot.  It is therefore imperative that you take this opportunity.  Based on your response, a decision will then be made on what our next steps will be.

Kind regards


Posted: 17th October 2020

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