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NHS Scotland Consultative Ballot

Dear GMB Member,

NHS 2021 Pay Offer Consultative Ballot – GMB will recommend you vote REJECT

Following a meeting of the Scottish Terms and Conditions Committee (STAC) trade unions this afternoon (Monday 29 March), GMB’s consultative ballot on your pay 2021 pay offer will run from Monday 12 April to Wednesday 5 May 

You will receive an electronic ballot to your consented mobile or email contact.

You will be asked: “Do you accept or reject the 2021 pay offer?” GMB recommends you vote to REJECT 

Our reasons for rejection are clear:  

  • The offer doesn’t reflect your proper value – not after everything you’ve given and continue to give throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. 
  • The offer doesn’t restore your lost pay – a decade of pay freezes and real terms pay cuts are not sufficiently tackled by 4 per cent.  
  • The offer doesn’t secure future – this is an election pay offer and you can be sure that further cuts and reforms are coming in 2022.   
We see this pay offer for what it is: A pre-election punt by an outgoing Health Secretary that looks better than it really is when put up against the insulting 1 per cent increase for our NHS colleagues in England. 

Yes, there is more money on the table now, but what pay negotiations in 2022 and beyond look like could be very different with the real prospect of multi-year offers linked to further reforms – the same principles we rejected in the 2018 pay rounds and fought in 2019.  

We can’t leave these issues unchallenged. The Scottish Government can and should go further on your pay. That’s why we will recommend you REJECT this offer.  

If you are a GMB member it is vital we have your consented contact details so you can receive your ballot and our NHS Scotland updates. If you have not already given us your details, you can do so at or call 0141 332 8641.

Not a trade union member? If you agree with GMB this offer does not reflect your proper value, join us today at and get involved in our fight for NHS pay justice.  

Karen Leonard  

GMB Scotland Organiser  

Posted: 29th March 2021

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