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Demand and Capacity update

Demand and Capacity Working Party Groups

Since the local working party groups started operating, we have been contacted by concerned members about proposed shift patterns not equating to 37.5hrs per week (inclusive of rest breaks).

The hours that the roster keys state need covered means that there is an issue with many of the proposed rosters.

This would mean staff members OWE hours over a roster rotation. This would need to be paid back via an extra shift etc.

The GMB’s position is that we will not be agreeing to shift patterns that do not equate to our contractual 37.5 hrs over a rotation.

We have previously proposed that CPD and LIP be incorporated into the rosters and that would have balanced the hours. If the Service are unwilling to take that approach, then we will maintain our stance that roster keys will need to be flexed to ensure that they equate to 37.5 hrs.

Demand and capacity was also supposed to be about work life balance and staff experience.

We have already raised our concerns about this and other issues and will keep you up to date with any discussions.

Gary Coll

GMB Convenor

Posted: 8th June 2021

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