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Annual Leave

Dear Colleagues,

Last Thursday the GMB and our sister unions met with Scottish Government to discuss the letter of guidance to management on annual leave.

The outcome of that meeting was that the letter has been rescinded with an agreement to sit down and discuss solutions to annual leave issues.

There are several issues that were not able to be addressed at that meeting as it was clear from the offset that they only wished to discuss the annual leave issue.

On Friday I requested our full time officer Mick Conroy write to Michael Matheson the Public Minister for Health to ask for an urgent meeting to discuss all the problems within the service including rest breaks, single manning, Optima (watering down of frontline resources) amongst other things.

That request has been sent and we now await the date of the meeting.

Management have been saying that there is no longer any issues after the letter on annual leave was rescinded. That is not the case as we have not reached any resolution with the other issues.

I will keep you updated as soon as I find out when that meeting will take place.

I have notified our sister unions that I have contacted Scot Gov and we will all be attending that meeting when the time comes.


Gary Coll

GMB Convenor

Posted: 6th November 2013

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