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Ambulance Retirement Age Campaign

GMB Campaign for Ambulance Service Worker
Retirement Age to be Lowered

GMB has for many years campaigned to have the Normal Retirement Age for
Ambulance Staff reduced to 60, in line with other emergency service workers.
GMB recently wrote to the NHS Pension Scheme Advisory Board requesting a
discussion on this issue. The meeting was held on 8th June and GMB delegates
informed them of the strong feedback received from ambulance staff – that they feel
burnt out and unable to continue working beyond the age 60.

GMB members would like the opportunity to retire at 60, in line with other emergency
service workers and may be willing to pay higher contributions for this.
At the meeting, this position was supported by Unite and Unison.

GMB noted the very low take up of the Early Retirement Reduction Buy Out (ERRBO)
Scheme as evidence that it failed to meet the needs of those wanting to retire early as it
only allows retirement at 65 and it only applies for the years one pays in.

A scheme that allowed earlier retirement than 65 and that was open to all NHS staff (to
avoid equality issues) would be welcomed by all.

It was noted that there could be cost implications given that under ERRBO employers
share the cost of the additional contributions for ambulance staff, also any changes may
need approval from the Treasury.

The SAB co-chairs and NHS Employers agreed to consider how best to gather the
information needed to take this conversation forward.

GMB will also be contacting all ambulance service trusts to enquire and understand what
support is being offered to our members approaching retirement who may be struggling
with the physical and mental demands of the job.

We shall keep members advised.

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Posted: 4th August 2022

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